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Биодизель из микроводорослей



2010-10: Отчет "Реалистичная оценка технологии и инжиниринга производства биотоплива из водорослей" (Realistic Technollogy and Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuels Production)"

Статья компании Шелл о водорослях

Статья о биореакторах для производства водорослей

Статья о технологии микроводорослей компании SBAE Industries

Интересные исследования компании Synthetic Genomics:

Процесс: Scientists have genetically engineered algae not just to turn CO2 into oil, but to continuously excrete that oil directly into the surrounding water. Since oil floats, harvesting it becomes simple work compared with the energy-intensive drying and extraction traditionally used for typical algae, which store oil within their cell walls. As with second-generation methods, the oil can then be processed into biodiesel.

Выводы: If they can perform at scale, these mutant algae may well be game changers. Synthetic Genomics hopes to have commercial amounts of biodiesel on the market within five years, though no plants have been built yet.