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Биоэтанол - сырье (Bioethanol - raws)

ПредпринимательСообщество предпринимателей предлагает свои услуги по контрактным закупкам зерновых, масленичных культур, патоки свекловичной (мелассы) в южном регионе России.
Orgil Oil LLCWe are producer of bio ethanol and would like to buy raw materials.
Genencor, Danisco company

Поставка ферментов для производства топливного биоэтанола

Biovizyon Ltd.Biovizyon Ltd. is a Biofuel Investment Consulting company located in Istanbul, TURKEY. We are focused on providing grain based products solutions to our customers located in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Middle East.
V.Unterberg GbRНемецкая фирма- постоянно покупаем биоэтанол в германию Самовывоз
ООО "Русфермент"Технологическая поддержка и продажа ферментных препаратов для производства биоэтанола.
ООО "Крепкий Орешек"Оптовая торговля подсолнечником, подуктами его переработки, масленичными отходами, лузгой.
Deutsch-Russisches Institiu für Biomagnetische Kybernetik und nanotechnologieПроизводство регуляторов рооста растений для сырья- сахарной свеклы. Обработка диффузионного сока ЭМП КНЧ диапазона.
Greenfield Project Management LtdIrish company plans 550 million litre-per-year bioethanol refinery in Mozyr, Belarus, in joint venture with state concern BelBioPharm. Construction due to start early 2008, following completion of Framework Agreement with Government of Belarus in December 2007.
GLOBAL GREEN (EU) SAWe are a Renewable Energy and Innovation Technology and R&D Co. We have developd unike special Ligno-celullosic seed plants, ieal for 1st and 2nd generation, which survives on frost and extreme conditions still gives high volume of production on Biofuels and Bioenergy too from Agro-Biomass. We have created a consortium of the best of the best in Industry this way can provide most efficient methods and cheapest production to make Ethanol and Bio-electricity in very high volume. Can offer Turn-Key solutions for complete processing units from farming, haresting, processing to distribuition of Bioenergy.
ENERS Energy Concept / Biofuels PlatformThe main objective of the Biofuels Platform is to promote and facilitate the use of sustainable biofuels in the transport sector in Switzerland. More particularly, the Biofuels Platform means to inform, communicate, propose strategies, bring solutions and take action, with the support of local and federal authorities. It is also a source of regular up-to-date information in the field of liquid biofuels.
FeedConceptsConsulting an service for producers of co-products for animal feed.
JSC "Oiliken"As a major manufacture of bioethanol, we would like to inform you that our company supplying fuel ethanol to the European market . We are produce fuel ethanol from agricultural crops with high quality Easy to transport from factory to any part of Europe. We expect to find cooperation with future partners.
SPL InternationalProviders of high quality dry yeast for ethanol production, Enzymes, and yeast nutrients. Complete packages available for fermentation of sugars to produce up to 23% abv from sugar sources.
Greenfield Project Management LtdGreenfield Project Management Ltd is an investment and project development company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ireland. Greenfield specialises in energy, with a focus on Belarus and sub-regions. Our immediate focus, under a joint venture agreement with the state-owned Belbiopharm company in the Republic of Belarus, is the construction of biofuel facilities in Belarus to produce 550 million litres of bio-ethanol annually, together with biogas and green electricity. In conjunction with our offtake partner, the ethanol will be blended with petrol to make E5, E10 and E85 for thirsty European and local markets.
MTH in UKRussian Bioethanol for Export to Europe (EC) Minimum deal - tanker 5000m3 and more If a company is interested..., please send your request to: MTH in UK chegeo@globalnet.co.uk

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